pdf2htmlEX Windows Version

pdf2htmlEX  Win32 static version, compiled with mxe under Ubuntu.

In one word, pdf2htmlEX  is a tool that Convert PDF to HTML without losing text or format, bases on poppler, FontForge , and jQuery.



  • support windows temp directory, tested under windows 64-bit system(tried all the example offered by the author, all successful).
  • change the share folder name to data
  • can automatically find the data folder, by default,  the data folder  is under the same folder with pdf2htmlEX.exe



pdf2htmlEX renders PDF files in HTML, utilizing modern Web technologies. It aims to provide an accurate rendering, while keeping optimized for Web display.

pdf2htmlEX is best for text-based PDF files, for example scientific papers with complicated formulas and figures. Text, fonts and formats are natively preserved in HTML such that you can still search and copy. The generated HTML file is static, with optional features powered by JavaScript.


  • Precise and native text in HTML
  • Flexible Output
  • Moderate Size
  • More PDF stuffs that you love: links, outlines & printing



GPLv3 with additional terms  for most parts, MIT License for share/*(in Windows version, I change the name of share to data).




The author is Lu Wang,  the original project and source code is pdf2htmlEX,

I just did some modification and compiled for windows, the modified source is here .


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