About Us

RubyPdf Technologies is a fast growing offshore software development and business process outsourcing provider, with headquarters located in Shanghai, China.

Founded by a group of experienced Chinese technology executives, RubyPdf Technologies aims to leverage highly skilled technology and business talents in China to deliver robust technology solutions cost effectively for western businesses. Our team has extensive experience over a broad range of industries, including high tech, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and e-commerce.

Our mission is to build long term strategic relationships with our customers and partners, and achieve dramatic business values for our customers.

We are also unique in the offshore software development industry in having deep expertise in CRM/ERP, as well as Open Source technologies, including Windows Platform, DOTNET(C#,VB.NET, ASP.NET, Ms Sql Server) and the entire LAMP stack — Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby. Click here to see a complete description of our technical skills and expertise.

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