ReaderEnable with FileMonitor Support

ReaderEnable with FileMonitor Support

Can watch the given folder and automatically convert PDF to have the feature “Enable For Commenting and Analysis In Adobe Reader“, or  enable the usage rights


  • Download the last version ReDirMon
  • unzip it to any folder you like
  • run redirmon.exe
  • configure the Monitor Path and Save Path
  • “Monitor Path” is for the directory you want to monitor.
  • “Save Path” is the directory you wan to save converted PDF documents
  • “Include SubDirectory” means if you wan to monitor sub directory or not.
  • after click “save”, it will hide to systray, and you can right click it to show configuration window again, or pause/run the convert process.
  • when the first run the process every time, it will convert all the PDF documents already exist in monitor path
  • every time one PDF is converted the orginal PDF will be removed from the monitor path.

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